Vending Accessories

WMAT – Wireless Multi Application Terminal

Mobile / Smart Card based Vending Machine Reader is best suited for Snack, Cold Drink and Beverage machines. It works on MDB protocol and is connected to the Vending Machine Controller through MDB & DEX Cable. WMAT supports GSM-GPRS Network as a communication medium to the back end platform. WMAT supports Magnetic Strip, NFC / Mi-fair Contact-less Cards as a Cashless Payment.

WRM – Vending Machine Telemetry with Inventory Control

WRM is a state of the art next generation Vending Telemetry Solution. It includes WRM Online Gateway and WMAT device to be installed inside Vending Machine. WMAT once installed starts communicating with backend platform enabling monitoring of various MIS reports, Stock updates, Critical Errors, SMS alert on low inventory etc. Subscribers get log in credentials to access online WRM portal and browse the information about the machines placed in the field.
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MOVM – Mobile Operated Vending Machines

MOVM is a vending machine that can be operated using SMS. The billing is taken care by backend platform. Payments in the machine has been a problem due to various factors, Mobile interface helps as it allows user to purchase items of desire from the machine without worrying about change and currency.

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Vending Machine Control Board [MDB]

Vending Machine Controller Board from E Cube is designed to integrate MDB transaction devices like Note Acceptors, Coin Changers and Cashless Readers. VMC Board supports 24V DC, gear motors, matrix key board and alphanumeric display.

Key programming features include individual pricing of selection, Sales, POS message, mode selections, test menu.