M-Commerce Architecture

Mobile Commerce Needs a Middle Layer

Device manufactures pushing new types of hardware, notably Mobile / Smart Phones, Wireless PDAs, Communicators, Wireless POS Terminals into the market will characterize the future. Furthermore Telecommunication firms will roll out packet oriented, wireless bearers such as GPRS, EDGE, UMTS & 3G fairly quickly.

This huge investment will be profitable only if a “Killer Application” materializes, propelling an explosive growth and demand for the devices and bandwidth. To empower such applications a middle layer is required for Mobile Commerce Applications. With years of research E Cube has managed to deploy state of the art M-Commerce Application Platform.

An M-Commerce System without formidable middle ware platform is like a word processing software directly atop the bare hardware, without taking advantage of an operating system.

The platform can be considered as “Application-to-Application” middle ware and is being used very successfully for many years in financial information systems, e-commerce systems, logistic solutions etc.

E Cube M-Commerce Middle ware Platform ensures the end to end reliable delivery of Transaction. It also enables the integration of the M-Commerce services with the various third party logistic information systems.

Another distinctive feature of our platform is its ability to deliver information in “Real Time” mode, meaning immediately after an event trigger.

Furthermore our platform can be deployed efficiently atop a multiple Internet standard (TCPIP, HTTP, XML etc.), atop current and next generation wireless bearers (GSM, SMS, GPRS, 3G etc) .

Key Features of our M-Commerce Platform

+Device Independence

To be successful, M-Commerce systems typically need to run on a variety of mobile device platforms. Over the years we have work endlessly towards integrating various protocols, application compatibility to yield a robust application platform.

+Bearer Independence

We support various wireless bearers either GSM or CDMA. Further we have integrated many commonly deployed protocols like SMS, GRPS, 3G etc


This being a very sensitive aspect of the financial industry we are driven by the Industry Standard practices to address Platform Security. Identification, Authentication, Access Control and End-to-End data encryption is addressed via trusted third party provider.


With years of research and expertise we have attained Guaranteed, exactly-once execution of M-Commerce transaction.


E Cube M-Commerce Platform is capable of generating various programmable notification alerts for desired events. We support SMS, E-Mail and Voice notifications.