M-Commerce Infrastrcture

E Cube’s M-Commerce Platform is located at a secure data center designed, built, owned and operated by E Cube India. The Platform is built to exceed the most stringent requirements necessary to guarantee financial operations. Platform is designed as a first-class, service-oriented facility with the in-house expertise to provide a refreshingly different approach.

The design and development of a Data Center requires a diverse set of expertise, from the leading edge technologies that manage the flow of communications to the power and cooling systems that establish the appropriate environmental conditions.

Our expertise, partnerships, and project management enable us to custom design the various aspects of a Data Center in order for an organization to meet its business needs. During the design process we manage the consideration of carriers bandwidth required at the facility, the configurations of the server/hardware racks, needs for load-balancing and content delivery devices, the routing and switching devices that oversee all communications, power specifications, systems resilience, building security and access control, fire control, air conditioning, and staff facilities.

+Data Center Highlights

  • Multilevel security across entire EDC area.
  • Strong Access Control Practice.
  • Modern Fire Suppression Systems.
  • Redundant Power Backup.
  • Efficient environmental controls.
  • Raised Antistatic Floor.
  • Highly Secure Server Cabinets.
  • Ultra modern Ethernet Network.
  • State of the Art latest generation Servers and Networking equipments.
  • High Capacity Bandwidth Connections.
  • Highly Secured NOC (Network Operations Center).
  • High Capacity HVAC Systems.
  • Multi dimensional disaster recovery.

+Disaster Recovery

A sound business continuity / disaster recovery plan is critical to a business’s long-term success. Business continuity planning spans a range of services from restoring data after major system failure, recovering after catastrophic acts of nature (our data center is fully backed by surplus fuel and generators), planning for security breach, and office continuity.

We have a full suite of data synchronization and recovery procedures depending on Application. For Applications that require additional guarantees of reliability we have implemented solutions: “mirror” server, load balance servers and can also implement geographically dispersed mirror solutions should this be needed, as we have only one data center location right now, we strive for fault tolerance system – planning for no single point of failure.

+Network Operations Center (NOC)

The E Cube Network Operations Center is the central nervous system for the EDC. The NOC is locally staffed 24/7 by trained operation technicians to monitor and support customer applications and equipment.

We monitor all power, HVAC and fire-detection / suppression systems 24/7 using an automated application under the supervision of our local operations staff.

  • 24/7 monitoring of application and equipment.
  • Monitoring of all infrastructure components and equipment.
  • Trained for emergency handling and disaster recovery.
  • NOC staff maintains distinguished industry certifications.
  • Extensive training programs for all NOC personnel.