Business Overview

Business overview:

Vending machine as a sales channel has been immensely successful in the west and is one of the fastest growing channels in India as well. E Cube solution is the pioneer of vending machines in India and holds over 97% market share. It sells various types of vending machines in India and abroad through its Channel Partners (Operators). The Channel Partners purchase the vending machines and deploy in high traffic areas and operate them. They get handsome regular income from margin on products, rent from place deployed and from advertisements carried on the vending machines.

These machines can be configured to dispense any packaged product like snacks, cold drinks, milk, chocolates, fruits, CDs, stationary, cosmetics etc. and are available in various sizes. These machines come in three varieties namely refrigerated, hot and ambient temperature.

These machines can accept currency notes, coins, contactless smart cards, transactions through mobile phone and credit cards. It can also dispense change in coins or notes. Our machines are deployed in following type of locations:

  1. Airports
  2. Metro railway station
  3. Offices and factories
  4. Colleges
  5. Hospitals
  6. Hotels
  7. Malls
  8. Service apartments
  9. Temples
  10. Service centers / showrooms etc.

Frequently asked questions:

 1.       What support would E Cube provide me as an Channel Partner (operator)?

Ans: It supplies vending machines of your configuration, provides service support and training on operation. From time to time it brings advertisement proposal for you to maximize your income.

2.       What would be my investment and how do I recover it?

Ans: Your investment depends on the number of vending machines that you purchase. Once the machines are deployed, you earn from margin on products sold, rent and advertisements (branding) on the machine.

3.       Would I get the training on the business?

Ans: Yes, you would be trained on operation of machines as well as on do’s and don’ts for the business.

 4.       Would E Cube support us in finding new locations for deployment of vending machines?

Ans: Yes, E Cube passes in leads of new locations to it’s Channel Partners from time to time.

5.       Where are vending machines deployed?

Ans: It can be deployed in any place wherein products are to be sold round the clock. Today, our vending machines are in various types of locations as named above.

6.        What is the expected break even time?

Ans: While it depends on the type and place of deployment of the machine, but on an average expected break even would be around 12-14 months

7.       What is the selection criterion for a Channel Partner?

Ans: Once we receive the details of the person interested in the venture, we screen and select 3-5 Channel Partners per location. Experience in the similar operation will be added advantage. For new establishment, willingness to explore, preparation of proposal for offering services and such type of dealings will be desirable. We then schedule a face to face meeting and select.

8.       Is there any geographical limit for operation for the Channel Partner?

Ans: No.

9.       Who would maintain the machines post warranty period?

Ans: AMCs are offered the operator by E Cube. We also train the operator for minor repairs.

10.   Can I get a trained person who can run this business for me?

Ans: Yes, E Cube assists on case to case basis to select, train and supply manpower to operators.

11.   In case I have more queries, who should I contact?

Ans: You can get more details from our website or you can call on +91-9820666573 / 022-25892269 on week days from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm

12.   What should I do to enroll?

Ans: Fill in the details in the registration form online and we shall get in touch with you soon.

13.   What do I do in case I want to quit at a later time?

Ans: You can sell the business to any third party. We also help you find buyers for your vending machine on best effort basis.

 14.   Can I explore new avenues and new products?

Ans: Yes. Once you have understanding of vending machine you can explore further yourself.

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